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As an artist, I value two things: expression and connection.

I absorb the world in every way every day, like a sponge. I make art to squeeze the sponge. I absorb and absorb and absorb, and art lets me purge.

I don't plan. I rarely sketch a preliminary or an outline. I don't do studies, or try to master other's techniques. I just do. I gamble every time with the creative process. Many times I have tried to be more intentional or purposeful in my creation process and it comes out like crap. I work best when it is visceral, spontaneous, and a bit rushed.

I want to make art that perpetuates my ability to make art, and to do that my art has to connect with an audience willing to buy it. I want to make it and sell it. Why? Partially because I don't have space for old pieces laying around. There are very few pieces I have made that I want to keep. It's not because I don't like them or feel unsatisfied by them. My finished works of art are the dirty sheets of a creative tryst. It may have been good, but I'm already back on the hunt for my next creative conquest. Never satisfied; always hungry for more of that dopamine thrill of finishing a piece.

Also because If I sell the art, it shows my family that my time spent making art is a worthy pursuit, then I'm able to do it more often guilt-free. Ultimately, I want to be able to dedicate more of my time to making whatever I want to make. It's not the praise I care about (although who doesn't like to have their ego stroked every once in awhile). What I care most about is the opportunity to connect to a patronage to liberate of my time.


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